Customer Feedback Form

The most vital and valued part of our business is you – the customer. With that in mind, we are grateful for any feedback about your experience with Willoughby Leisure Centre [WLC], be it a positive or negative one. By supplying us with information about your experience, we are better able to improve and tailor our services to meet your expectations and provide you with a satisfying and enjoyable experience.

The three main types of feedback are:

  • Complaints
  • Suggestions
  • Compliments

For your convienence please fill out the Online Feedback Form.

It outlines the background information required and requests details of your specific feedback

The WLC policy on how we address each type of feedback request is provided below:


All complaints are treated with the seriousness they deserve. In the first instance any complaint should be relayed to the relevant WLC team member. For example, an instance of abusive language used by another patron should be relayed to the manager on duty. The team member will then take appropriate action to deal with the problem.

If your complaint relates to an operational, monetary or staff issue which requires attention of a less immediate nature, then please fill out the following form, and tick the Centre Manager box. A complaint can also be forwarded to our e-mail address:


Any suggestions are most welcome and will assist us in improving our services. To assist us in dealing with your suggestion in an appropriate manner, please fill out the form overleaf and tick the Suggestions box, then address them to the relevant person in charge of each area.


Everybody appreciates a kind word for a job well done. WLC rewards its staff for excellence and we rely on your feedback to alert us to an employee who has gone beyond the call of duty, or to a facet of our centre that has exceeded your expectations. Our mission is to provide the best experience for our patrons, so let us know when we are doing something well. This will assist us to improve our service to you. Please fill out the attached form, tick the Compliments box and address it to the Centre Manager.