OC-1 Water Filtration System

A new water filtration system for Willoughby Leisure Centre, the first of its kind in Australia, is saving more than $14,000 and 1 million litres of water per year.

Supplied by Astral Pool and installed by engineering contractors Roejen NSW in August 2017, the European plastic filtration system, OC-1, uses settlement rather than the traditional entrapment method to more efficiently remove micro particles from water.

In addition to keeping the heated spa and pool water clean and fresh for users, the new system provides savings in water, chemicals, heat loss and electricity, resulting in less downtime and an overall improved experience for patrons.


  • OC-1 can remove particles as small as one micron - one 50th the size of a human hair
  • Water quality has improved through a 25% increase in turnover of the pool water, or about 18 extra turnovers each day
  • Pump speeds were able to be reduced from 50Hz to 42Hz, saving 70,000 kW/hour per annum or about $14,000 a year

This project was supported and funded by Willoughby City Council's Sustainability Team from the Environmental Levy.