Fitness & Programs

Willoughby Leisure Centre offers a great variety of group fitness classes including Les Mills programs, freestyle classes, circuits, spin, boxing, as well as mind-body classes and aqua aerobics. There are also classes designed specifically for kids, teenagers and the over 50s.

Classes are also held outside Willoughby Leisure Centre, Chatswood Oval, 139 Artarmon Road and the Joe Ciantar Studio in Chatswood. Members can attend all classes for free as part of their membership.

Whether you're a fitness fanatic or have just decided that it's time to get fit, we have classes to suit your fitness level and personal goals - whether they are improved general fitness, core strength, flexibility or all three.

View timetable or see class descriptions below:

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Aqua Deep

Intensity level: intermediate to advanced

Aqua Deep classes offer a cardiovascular and resistance workout, using a buoyancy belt to help keep you suspended in the water.

These classes are held in deep water requiring users to have confidence treading water.


Aqua Shallow

Intensity level: beginner to advanced

A shallow water fitness class using water for resistance. Suitable for all fitness levels and ages. An excellent class if you are looking for a safe entry point back into fitness.


Body Attack

Intensity level: intermediate to advanced

Body Attack is a high intensity interval workout with simple athletic moves and advanced strength work. There are high or low impact options for most exercises depending on your fitness level.

This class helps to improve your cardiovascular fitness, heart and lung capacity, and coordination.

A Les Mills class, Body Attack offers a challenging but fun workout that burns calories fast.


Body Balance

Intensity level: beginner to advanced

Body Balance is the ultimate reward for both the mind and the body. Classes combine the ancient art of Hatha Yoga, Pilates and Tai Chi to loosen and strengthen your muscles, improve your posture and flexibility and teach you valuable relaxation techniques.

Using the popular Less Mills choreography, Body Balance classes provide a great way for busy people to relax. The classes also provide a balance to high intensity workouts.


Body Pump

Intensity level: beginner to advanced

Body Pump classes are a great way to tone up your body. Classes work out all the major muscle groups using adjustable weight loaded barbells to uplifting music.

One of the most popular classes around the world, Body Pump builds lean muscle mass and in turn encourages rapid fat burning and fantastic muscle tone.

Body Pump classes use Les Mills choreography.


Body Step

Intensity level: beginner to advanced

Body Step targets the butt and thighs leaving your body toned and taut.

The pre-choreographed classes allow you to become familiar with a range of routines so you can make sure you work as hard as you can. New routines are added regularly to help keep you motivated.

The addictive classes offer a variety of levels to cater for everyone, from beginners to the most athletic participant.


Body Tone

Intensity level: beginner to advanced

Body Tone is a pre-choreographed strength and flexibility class designed specifically for the over 50s. All levels of fitness are welcome.

Classes involve low impact aerobics and light hand weights.



Intensity level: beginner to advanced

Boxing classes provide a cardiovascular workout, involving running, body weight exercises and partner work with equipment (gloves, pads, skipping rope).

Boxing classes will give you a complete workout and can benefit all levels of fitness.

You can work out at your own level with your partner and can rest assured you will always find these classes challenging.

Bring your own gloves or use Willoughby Leisure Centre's. Cotton inners must be worn and can be purchased from Willoughby Leisure Centre if you do not have your own.


Functional Training

Intensity level: beginner to advanced

Mix up your training routine with this class. The workout is circuit based, incorporating resistance and cardiovascular exercises.

Classes are suitable for all fitness levels.



Senior Gentle Exercise

Intensity level: designed for the over 50s

A slow-paced gentle movement class for Seniors to improve stamina, strength, posture, mobility, co-ordination and mental sharpness. A key component of this class will involve chair based or chair-assisted exercises however participants will still be challenged with low impact walking exercises & standing balance exercises. Where possible the exercises will be tailored to suit the individual needs of the participant. There will be no floor exercises in this class and class duration will be to 45 minutes.

Join the group for a cup of tea after the class.


Kids Yoga

Suitable for: beginner level children aged 7-12 years

Kids Yoga is great for helping kids develop confidence, relaxation, concentration and fitness. This nine week course introduces breath awareness, warm ups, yoga stretches and poses in a fun and engaging way.

Kids Yoga Timetable Information:


Outdoor Training

Intensity level: beginner to advanced

Held in the fresh air behind the Willoughby Leisure Centre and at Chatswood Oval in the heart of Chatswood, the Outdoor Training classes are a great addition to your fitness program.

Classes involve a variety of training techniques including circuit work, cardio exercises and muscle toning work.

No two classes are ever the same! Just turn up to your first class.

Classes are $14.50 each or free for Willoughby Leisure members.



Intensity level: beginner to advanced

Pilates and yoga exercises help to strengthen your muscles and improve your posture, agility, core strength and flexibility. They also provide a meditative element, helping to relieve stress.

These classes are a great way to find your inner calm and to relax your body.


Power Hour

Intensity level: beginner to advanced

Power Hour classes are high energy classes that combine pump and step.

Offering both high and low intensity options, the classes incorporate both cardiovascular fitness and strength training.

Combining a variety of training techniques, the classes supplement any fitness program or provide a complete workout for time poor trainers.


RPM and FreeStyle Spin

Targeting your lower body and cardio fitness levels, spin classes will lead you on a journey of total calorie destruction.

The classes are held in Willoughby Leisure Centre's indoor cycling room and are a great way to shape your legs, hips and butt, and burn fat.

Choose RPM classes for a workout that stays in the 'saddle' for the whole ride, or choose Freestyle Spin classes for that extra challenge and fun choreography.

Headphones are required for this class. Bring your own or purchase a pair from Willoughby Leisure Centre.


Senior Circuit

Intensity level: designed for the over 50s

Senior Circuit is an exercise program that develops strength, muscle tone and balance while increasing fitness levels with light resistance and cardiovascular training.


Tai Chi QiGong

Suitable for: all levels

Tai Chi QiGong combines movement, breathing and meditation. The slow rhythmic movements help reduce stress, build strength, stamina and improve your posture, breathing and mental focus.


Teen Fit

Intensity level: beginner to advanced teens aged 13-16

Teen Fit classes are instructed by energised and passionate trainers and involve a variety of fun exercises using the sports hall, RPM room and cardiovascular gym equipment.

This specialist program is tailored to teens and teaches healthy gym habit they will keep for life.

Classes cost $13.00 per class or are free for Willoughby Leisure members.



Intensity level: beginner to advanced

Red hot dance steps, pulsating Latin rhythms and easy to follow routines will have you movin', groovin' and shakin' the weight off to the sexy, exotic rhythms of salsa, cumbia, samba, merengue and more!

Zumba classes are a fun, high energy way to lose weight and increase your cardio fitness levels.

You'll have so much fun you'll forget you're exercising.