WLC Member Survey Results

You’ve spoken, we’re listening

Our member survey has some interesting results. Thanks to everyone who took the time to respond.

Our member survey found that most of you are happy with your experience at Willoughby Leisure Centre, with most saying you would recommend the Centre.

Our survey found:

  • Over 93% of the 292 members who responded said they’d recommend the Centre, while the same number said they were satisfied with the facilities and their experience. But we’ve still got some room for improvement, with lower than industry marks in some areas.
  • The survey, emailed to members in March, gauged customer service quality, customer benefits and quality of operational management. It compared the results with other sports and leisure facilities Australia wide. 
  • Customers rated overall satisfaction 6.1 out of 7, compared to the industry benchmark of 5.9 out of 7.
  • Willoughby Leisure Centre members were more satisfied and more likely to recommend the Centre than other users around Australia.
  • Members said they liked that the Centre wasn’t over-crowded and that it was close to home. They particularly noted the relaxed and friendly atmosphere.
  • Areas identified as needing improvement include the programs starting and finishing on time, improved maintenance and Centre cleanliness.

The survey offered one-month free membership as an incentive to respond. The winner was William Zhan who will have his membership extended for free. Thanks to everyone who responded.

We’re listening to your feedback and will be implementing some changes.