Intensive Learn to Swim

Class Duration: 30min every day from Monday to Friday

Holiday Intensive Classes are an excellent way to improve your child’s swimming abilities.

Classes focus on water confidence and swimming technique. These programs often assist children who are new to a level building their basic swimming skills and for those who need to refine their swimming technique in order to progress.

All children are assessed at the end of the program and a feedback report and certificate of completion will be issued.

To register your interest to join our program, please ring the Swim School on 9958 5799

   2017  2018 
Commences Concludes Commences Concludes
January Intensive Tue 3 Jan
Mon 9 Jan
Mon 16 Jan
Fri 6 Jan
Fri 13 Jan
Fri 20 Jan
Tue 2 Jan
Mon 8 Jan
Mon 15 Jan
Mon 22 Jan
Fri 5 Jan
Fri 12 Jan
Fri 19 Jan
Mon 25 Thu
April Intensive Mon 10 Apr
Tue 18 Apr
Thu 13 Apr
Fri 21 Apr
Mon 16 Apr
Mon 23 Apr
Fri 20 Apr
Fri 27 Apr
July Intensive Mon 3 Jul
Mon 10 Jul
Fri 7 Jul
Fri 14 Jul
Mon 9 Jul
Mon 16 Jul
Fri 13 Jul
Fri 20 Jul
September/October Intensive Mon 25 Sep
Mon 3 Oct
Fri 29 Sep
Fri 6 Oct
Mon 1 Oct
Tue 8 Oct
Fri 5 Oct
Fri 12 Oct
December Intensive Mon 18 Dec Mon 22 Dec